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Brother Curtis (recorded early January 2015)

This was online for a day or two back in February 2015, on a hidden subdomain over at ahoy-hoy.net. At the time it was supposed to be hidden for reasons of a scavenger hunt because I used an image from a thread on 8chan's conspiracy/paranormal board. It was a thread on a supposedly evil daycare center in Salt Lake City. Later on it was revealed the symbol was used by human traffickers. While it's very likely this is bullshit, I wasn't taking any chances and took the album offline. Until now.

The sample that plays after aufwachen is from a conspiracy theory documentary that keeps getting taken down from YouTube. I was able to snatch the video in the few minutes it was online and it was the perfect cap to the ep, considering the original album cover. I almost removed it from this version of the EP, but decided against it.

This EP is exactly the way it was back in 2015, only with the new artwork and the artist tag updated. Enjoy if you can...

NB: The original release only had a front and back cover, so I didn't bother to make any extra artwork for this release. Future releases will most likely have further artwork.


Brother Curtis cover
Brother Curtis back cover

zubereitung (1:30)
morgentraum (4:18) [explicit]
abend traum (5:12) [explicit]
mittag traum (6:03) [explicit]
mitternacht traum (5:12)
aufwachen (8:22) [explicit]

total time: 30:37



Originally Released: 21 February 2015
Re-released: 13 September 2016
Catalog number: OSC044SK001EP30:37


morgentraum contains samples of roaring dear version 2 by eksaa.

mittag traum contains samples of Rain and Thunder 02 by BOBtheROSS.

mitternacht traum contains samples of SK29 Beats 3 by juskiddink.

aufwachen contains samples of Dry Thunder3 by juskiddink.


Dynamic range stats

 DR		Peak		RMS		Filename

 DR3		over		-8.89 dB 	01 zubereitung.aif
 DR4		over		-5.48 dB 	02 morgentraum.aif
 DR4		over		-5.05 dB 	03 abend traum.aif
 DR5		over		-6.11 dB 	04 mittag traum.aif
 DR6		over		-6.03 dB 	05 mitternacht traum.aif
 DR5		over		-7.28 dB 	06 aufwachen.aif

 Number of files:	6
 Official DR value:	DR4



Creative Commons License
Brother Curtis by Sarkeesian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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